Don't Forget About Beautiful Flooring

Don't Forget About Beautiful Flooring

Schedule an efficient flooring installation in Jacksonville, FL

Remodeling your home or business can start with the floor. Kevin's Kitchen & Baths in Jacksonville, Florida offers flooring installation services, either as part of a remodel or as a separate project. You can count on our team to demolish your old floor and remove the debris before installing your new flooring.

Schedule ceramic, vinyl or hardwood flooring services in Jacksonville, Florida today.

Choose from our quality flooring options

Different floor materials are best suited for different areas. Whether you choose a floor material based on appearance or function, you can count on us to install your:

  • Hardwood floors- best suited for living spaces because of their classic beauty
  • Ceramic tile floors- ideal for kitchens and bathrooms thanks to their stain-resistant qualities
  • Plank vinyl floors- a perfect choice for any space due to their low cost and durability

Whether you want ceramic tile, plank vinyl or hardwood flooring services, our team can take your space to the next level with a flooring installation. Rejuvenate your home or commercial space from the ground up by calling 904-445-6819.